SD-WAN and Its Advantages

SD-WAN and Its Advantages in Business

Software-defined networking in a wide area network (SD-WAN) is a software defined approach to managing a network in a wide area. It simplifies the operation of a WAN. This is by separating the hardware of the network from the control mechanism.

SD-WAN allows companies to develop WANs that have a higher performance using internet access that are low cost and commercially available. This is to enable businesses to partially or fully replace more expensive internet providers. In return, they will have more profit.

SD-WAN's are used in various businesses. This is because, it is not that expensive but has a high performance rate. The following are advantages of using SD-WAN in the business environment:

Boosts security

Transformation in the digital world is like a coin. It has two sides. In one hand, it can extend market reach and even improve customer satisfaction. On the other hand, it may expose a business or organization to high security risks.

Most SD-WAN solutions have built-in security. There are times though where the basic security features such as firewall may not be enough. To have the best security as possible, it is best to look for SD-WAN's that provide a wider and range of complex and integrated security features. This will help prevent data loss, regulatory violations, and downtime.


Reduce Costs

Change is constant, even in the business world. There are a lot of applications being developed every day. This includes the amount of data travelling through a server that increases operational costs.

SD-WAN helps business owners increase their profit by lowering operational costs. This is by leveraging low cost local internet access. By doing this, they lessen the amount of traffic over the backbone WAN. This will also provide business owners direct cloud access. 


Improves Performance

Different network traffic is created in various ways. This means that there are some that has low performance rate. SD-WAN though can be configured to match what the business needs. This means they can be configured to prioritize the real-time services like Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).

SD-WAN helps to prioritize business-critical traffic. The company’s IT teams can now help reduce latency issues and packet loss. The end results will then boost staff morale and improve employee productivity.

Enables Cloud Usage

Many businesses are now adopting cloud services. The advantage of using SD-WAN is that it enables direct cloud access even at the remote branch. This eliminates backhauling traffic that delays data access.

By having the SD-WAN enabling direct access from the cloud service, all workers can access any cloud applications. SD-WAN also improves the performance of the cloud applications. How? This is by prioritizing applications that are critical to the business. It also enables different branches to directly communicate to the internet.

SD-WAN is a powerful and useful tool in the business sector. This is if selected and deployed properly. This is so business owners can get the full benefits of SD-WAN and get the most of its functionality such as safety and security.

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