Business Ethernet Connection Benefits

Business Ethernet Connection

The benefits of a Dedicated Business Ethernet connection for business.

A business Ethernet connection for a Local Area Network (LAN) is now being used by many businesses in the USA. Dedicated Ethernet pricing is now much lower than other high-speed Internet services.

We seem to be operating in a wireless world that allows us to be connected to anything we want without needing to plug in to a network connection. Wi-Fi has become so important today that most people going anywhere will first ask if Wi-Fi is available at the place they’re visiting before deciding.

Despite its popularity, Wi-Fi suffers from the risk of breaches and is vulnerable to malicious third-party interference. This is especially problematic for businesses working with sensitive information as any breaches could cost the company millions.

A dedicated Ethernet connection is becoming more commonly used by businesses due to the many benefits it offers. Used since 1990s, an Ethernet connection helps to connect computers in a local area network. It makes use of cables and technology to help countless people connect by means of a global packet switching network. 

An Ethernet connection is reliable and stable

Using fiber optic cables, you get access to higher speeds with an Ethernet connection that makes it possible to download large files. High internet speeds and superior transparency can help you scale your business. Such connections are reliable and stable, allowing you to enjoy greater speeds and providing lesser interferences.

An Ethernet connection's functioning is also independent of other connections, so your work will be uninterrupted. This isn't the case with wireless connections, as multiple signals from wireless networks that are placed close to each other can cause interference. Walls, certain objects, and building materials such as metal and concrete may result in interrupted signals, but that's not the case when you get an Ethernet line

Not visible by other wired networks

Because an Ethernet connection is not visible to other networks, the connection is not interrupted. The nodes on one network communicate with those on the other networks so that data may be transferred, and storage is facilitated.   

You get to enjoy higher speeds

When you’re working in a business, time is precious, and every moment wasted can cost the business in the long run. An Ethernet line will give you access to high-speed internet, especially with Gigabit routers and new technologies. 

You also won't have to worry about any dead spots where the internet cannot be accessed, as in the case of Wi-Fi network connections. Because every device is connected to the internet by means of an Ethernet cable, dead spots don’t exist.

You also won’t have to worry about unexpected traffic or unauthorized users getting access to the line.

With the fast-paced world we live in today, high speed internet is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity, especially regarding businesses operations. The high speed offered by a business Ethernet connection allows you to keep up with the fast-paced nature of business.

It is a more secure connection

Wireless networks are visible to third parties and are at risk of security breaches. An Ethernet connection however is protected from unauthorized access and when equipped with the right firewalls and security, offers greater protection for business operations. The network can also be easily monitored for any suspicious activity so that any threats can be adequately dealt with in the right time.     

This will allow you to enjoy greater peace of mind knowing that the operations of your business are happening in a more protected manner and that you’re at lesser risk of compromised security.

The business Ethernet cost is lower  

Ethernet connection cables, hardware, routers, and switches are extremely cost effective, and the overall framework of an Ethernet connection has lower business Ethernet price. Even the hardware has a long lifespan and will last you several years before you need to upgrade it. The fact that Ethernet pricing is considerably lower will save your business a considerable amount of expenditure in the long run. For any business, finding ways to cut costs and increase efficiency of operations is necessary so opting for Ethernet  makes sense.    

Greater bandwidth efficiency is offered on a more flexible network

Greater bandwidth efficiency allows users to take advantage of its capabilities as opposed to the network rigidity seen in other connections. It is also a flexible network and changes can be made more easily as it supports several topologies, including ring, mesh, tree, and string-based topologies. 

Types of Ethernet available in the US

Knowing about the benefits of Ethernet for your business may make you think it’s worth it, but before you do anything, you need to know about the types. There are different types of Ethernet networks as well as cables available in the US.

The types of Ethernet connection networks are:

Fast Ethernet

Data transfers can happen at the rate of 100 Mbps with such connections. Twisted pair cables or fiber optic cables are used here, and 3 types exist:

·        100BASE-TX

·        100BASE-FX

·        100BASE-T4

CSMA/CD Media Access Control protocol lays the foundation for fast Ethernet.

Such an Ethernet  will allow you to benefit from its high speed and enable much quicker operations in the business.    

Gigabit Ethernet

This type of network can facilitate data transfers of up to 1000 Mbps. This is an upgrade on fast Ethernet and makes use of a twisted pair or fiber optic cable. The Cat-5e cable is used here so that speedier transfers can be made possible.    

10 Gigabit Ethernet

This latest generation of dedicated Ethernet has the capacity to deliver data at a rate of 10 Gbit/s. It can be used to cover a range of 6.2 miles and its long-distance capabilities make it an ideal option for large businesses.      

Switch Ethernet

This type of Ethernet is a good option for small to medium sized businesses. It can support fast Ethernet speeds of 100 Mbps but can also switch to go up to 1,000 Mbps. The switch makes it possible for you to forward data from one device to another on the network.    

The types of Ethernet connection cables are:

·    CAT5

·    CAT5E

·    CAT6

·    CAT6A

·    CAT7/7A

·    CAT8



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