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There are many different types of internet connections, and Optical Carrier transmission is one of them. The term Optical Carrier Transmission Rates stands for the transmission bandwidth that can transmit on something known as SONET fiber optic networks. SONET stands for Synchronous Optical networking. There are different levels or specifications of Optical Carrier and is designated as OC followed by a number, such as OC-1, OC-24, OC-768, and OC-48.

OC– 48

The basic unit of measurement of Optical Carriers is 51.84 megabits per second. Depending on the “number” that comes after the letter “OC,” the speed is calculated accordingly. Thus, in the case of OC- 48, the rate of the line would be 48 x 51.84 megabits per second. The OC-48 is, therefore, a network line that can deliver a data transmission speed of 2488.32 megabits per second. ATM or asynchronous transfer mode utilizes some of the Optical Carrier levels. A SONET circuit that uses OC- 48 will also have an STS or Synchronous Transport Signal of 48.

A business entity or an individual might be faced with the need to update bandwidth, and this is where an understanding of OC-48 and other Optical Carriers can come into play. Typically, the choice between Optical carriers comes down to the type of bandwidth that is needed and the costs and other advantages. For instance, an OC-3 circuit will deliver a speed of 155.52 megabits per second, and usually, this is the circuit of choice for large enterprises that need a considerable amount of bandwidth. While OC-3 lines are considered expensive, it has the advantage of fast connectivity.

Similarly, an OC-12 circuit line will deliver a speed of 622.08 megabits per second and offer higher performance and lower latency. An OC-12 line can prove to be quite expensive depending on the location and entails a bunch of initial or set-up costs as well. An OC-48 circuit is deployed when the enterprise needs to establish support for regional internet service providers.


Speed – the OC- 48 line is significantly faster than the other Optical Carrier connections namely OC-3 and OC- 12. It is this speed that makes the OC-48 the connection of choice for quite many internet service providers.

Flexible pricing – typically, an OC-48 line is custom-built for the customer’s location and specifications and therefore it has very flexible pricing as well. The OC-48 also becomes an ideal choice for a “self-contained” unit like an educational institution or a large company that wants to connect its branches or offices.

Ideal for large applications – the OC-48 can be the best possible choice when an organization intends to use it for large data requirements such as graphics, big text files, or even streaming video content.

Inexpensive – the interface prices of OC- 48 are meager: this again is a huge plus point for the OC- 48 connection: this also makes OC- 48 a rather well-suited connection for gigabit Ethernet.


High costs – even as the interface prices of OC- 48 are lower, the costs of establishing a line itself are rather high, and therefore it becomes the choice of only large enterprises. Aspects such as carrier, location, and application have a bearing on the costs of the OC-48 installations. For instance, if one is looking at service from a Tier 1 provider then apart from the initial setup fees, monthly or recurring expenses can touch a mark of even $ 500,000.

High costs of installation – any organization that establishes an OC-48 connection will need to give it time for the cost benefits to show up. Initial costs or establishment costs of an OC-48 are rather steep.

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